The Farm Stand


The Farm Stand at Kid Creek Pastures is a special place. It is where our herdshare members come each week to pick up their icy-cold, fresh, raw milk.

As an added benefit, we make available fresh eggs from our small flock of pastured hens. Eggs & milk go together very well, and since our hens eat grass and sprouts every day, our eggs are packed with grass-fed nutrition just like our milk.  Occasionally we also special products available such a season produce, apple cider, and stewing hens, and we announce availability through our private member-only emails. 

The farmstand is also a great time to enjoy the farm, the animals, and one another. Members are welcome to bring a picnic, your family or friends, and enjoy the slow-life that the farm offers.

(The farmstand at Kid Creek Pastures is open only for our herdshare members. For information about how to join the herdshare, click HERE)