Fresh Raw Milk

We've always felt that when it comes to good health it's the things we do everyday that matter most. The raw milk we get from Kid Creek is one of the biggest "everyday health factors" our family counts on.--Stephanie

It is comments like this from our members that motivate us to do what we do! Are you also looking for everyday ways to nourish your family? Then we should talk about raw milk!

Milk in its natural state (raw and non-homogenized) has so many important nutrients--minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, and active enzymes.  Raw milk is a superfood that not only nourishes the body, but can literally heal from asthma, eczema, allergies,  respiratory illness and digestive problems. 

When our family started seeking out a trusted local source of real, raw milk to add to our "every day" health plan, it wasn't available. That is what eventually led us to farming!  

Today, the Kid Creek Pastures herd of happy, grass-fed cows provides safe, delicious, nutrient-packed, gut and allergy healing raw milk right here in Mt. Shasta. 

What is a Herdshare? 

Due to dairy regulations in our state, raw milk produced on the micro scale may not be sold publicly, but may be accessed through a herdshare. A herdshare is co-ownership in a privately owned herd of dairy livestock.

By law, owners may enjoy the milk from livestock they own. But don't worry, we make cow-ownership easy!  The great thing about a herdshare is that not everyone has to have their own cow, nor the land, time, or skills to take care of it. We can work together, and in this case, our herdshare members contract with their us to manage the herd on their behalf. That means, we do all the milking, feeding, and cleaning up. You enjoy a share of the best milk on earth. 

So how does that work? 

Our members purchase a one-time share in the dairy cow herd that resides here at Kid Creek Pastures. There after, they pay a quarterly Cow-Care Fee for the care and keeping of their cows, in proportion to the amount of milk they wish to receive.  A weekly portion of milk, your "subscription", is then made available for pickup each week on your designated day. 

What if I want extra milk on some weeks?

No problem!   After subscriptions have been filled, there is typically some milk leftover, and these jars are provided on an"As Available" basis. If you want extra milk over your subscribed amount, you may  pick up as many jars as you like and pay a per-jar fee. Can you say butter, ice cream, yogurt and kefir? 

What if I don't want milk every week?

Co-owning cows requires a level of commitment on the part of our members, because our cows must be fed, milked, and loved every day, whether we need milk or not.  However, we totally understand that for some people, its just not practical to come to the farm every week. Or, they need less milk than a subscription provides.

If that is you, we have a solution! You can be both committed to the keeping of the cows and flexible with pick up. Rather than subscribing, members may opt to pay a yearly Cow-Care Fee of $120 (prorated quarterly). You'll then be provided with 12 jar-vouchers that you may exchange for 12 jars of As-Available milk anytime you wish. If you use up all your vouchers before the year is over, no problem. You may continue to pick up As-Available jars and pay the per-jar fee. 


How to add raw milk to your every day--               

Step 1: Buy your share

Purchase Share

Purchase your share in the herd. This is a one-time purchase of $50 and gives you access to milk from the cows you own. No Paypal? No problem. Pay at the farm instead. 

Step 2: Schedule a Farm Tour

Request a Tour

Email us and let us know when you would like to visit the farm to learn how the herdshare works, and decide how you would like to receive your share of milk. 


Step 3: Enjoy Your Milk 

Farm Stand Hours

Once you have purchased your share and learned how to use the farm stand, you'll have an open invitation to visit when we are open and pick up your milk and other farmstand goodness. 


Quarterly  Cow-Care Fees

(collected every 3 months)


  • 2 Jars per week: $208 ($8/jar, add $104 for each additional jar)
  • 1 Jar per week: $117 ($9/jar)


As Available Fees

  • For subscribers of 1 gallon/week or more: $8 per extra jar
  • For subscribers of 1/2 gallon/week: $9 per extra jar
  • For those without subscriptions: $10 per jar

*Milk is provided in 1/2 gallon jars.

Benefits of Milk from Kid Creek Pastures


  • Fresh and unprocessed from the cow to your glass.
  • Amazing Flavor
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Listed by the Raw Milk Institute
  • Grass-fed Nutrition, 365 days per year
  • No GMO Feeds
  • No synthetic hormones or antibiotics
  • High in Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • High in Vitamin E
  • High in Omega 3s
  • Non-homogenized, "creamline" milk
  • Ridiculously high butterfat content
  • Provided in reusable glass jars 

Is this Raw Milk Safe?

Great Question!  Raw milk has not been pasteurized (heated to a bacteria killing temperature) and therefore must be produced carefully in order to reduce the risk of contaminating it with unwanted pathogens (E coli, for example). We use science-based methods to reduce the risk of milk contamination so that our raw milk  contains all the good nutrition we want, and none of the bad bugs that we don't.  It is important to remember that no food safety plan is 100% sure. Good practices do reduce the risk of food-born illness, but cannot eliminate it.  

Anyone desiring to consume raw milk should make their own well informed choice. In order to help you do that, we've provided the following links. We also require than new members come for a farm tour where we explain our milk handling processes in detail. 

Milk Quality Plan Using Raw Milk ResponsiblyMilk Test Results