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Do you ever wish that putting wholesome, healing food on the table was just a little easier?

Or maybe the answer to that age old question “What’s for dinner?” might require a bit less thinking?

Imagine not having to think about purchasing beef for 6-12 months....and instead of navigating the grocery store jungle, reading labels, wondering if your meat contains hormone or antibiotic residue, or flavor and moisture enhancers…you just open your freezer.

Purchasing grass-fed beef in bulk turns your freezer into a custom butcher shop, chock full of healthy, healing, delicious cuts of meat. 

As the name implies, our grass-fed beef eat grass. Even in the wintertime when the pastures are frozen, eat locally harvested grass and legume hay, and never touch a bite of grain, soy, hormones, antibiotics, or any other weird stuff that you don't want in your body.

Grass-feeding produces meat that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, full of protein and bio-available minerals, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (a potent anti-cancer fatty acid found only is grass-fed animal proteins) and antioxidants.

When you fill your freezer with this beef, it not only becomes your personal butcher shop, but also your family's medicine cabinet.



So what is my beef going to cost?


The short answer is that your beef will cost about $9 a pound.

Due to USDA regulations, we get to that price in a roundabout way:

You pay us $4.75/pound on the “hanging weight” for the animal. (Hanging weight = the weight of the carcass minus the hide, insides, head and feet.)

You pay the butcher $.79/lb on the hanging weight to age, cut and wrap your meat, plus a small kill fee ($52 for a half).


In 2017, the average 1/2 beef yielded 156 pounds of meat and cost a total of $1436. 



And how much meat is that?  


A half beef will yield around 160 lbs of meat—give or take about 15 lbs either way.

That total amount will be made up of a wide variety of cuts—steaks, ribs, roasts, stew meat, ground beef, meaty bones, and organ meats.

A half beef will fill 2 average-size fridge-top freezers, and will provide a portion of about 3 pounds of beef per week for a year, along with enough bones to make gallons of delicious, healing broth.

(Halve those numbers for a quarter beef or double them for a whole beef.)


When and where do I pick up my meat? 


We begin butchering beef in early summer and finish in the fall, based on the weight and readiness of each animal. You’re welcome to let us know your preferred butcher window on the reservation form.  Once your beef leaves our farm for the butcher shop, we’ll contact you to let you know how much it weighs and give you a final invoice minus your deposit.

Then, after your beef ages for about 2 weeks in cold storage, the butcher will contact you to ask about your custom cut and wrap preferences**. (Don’t worry—we’ll give you all the information you need to make it easy!) After your beef is cut and wrapped, you’ll get another call from the butcher telling you it's ready for pick up at his shop in Montague, CA. You’ll pick up your meat, pay the butcher for his services, and head home to fill up your freezer!

*Note, the custom cut and wrap is only available on wholes and halves. Quarter orders receive the Kid Creek Pastures Package, a great selection of all your favorite cuts and ground beef . 


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