A cow with a view.

Welcome to Kid Creek Pastures!


Do you ever feel like its a struggle to find food that is just...food?  

Are you looking for products that will nourish and heal, without all the weird processing, preservatives, chemicals, and genetic modification?   Do you sometimes wish you could bypass the grocery store altogether, and get your food straight from a farmer you know? 

Oh boy, do we understand that struggle.  Here at Kid Creek Pastures we specialize in real, uncomplicated food that is produced right here in Mt. Shasta, with full transparency.  

Our farm offers raw milk from grass-fed cows, heritage pork, grass-fed beef, and eggs from pastured hens-- all FULL of nutrition that can restore and maintain health. 

We would LOVE to be your farmers and help you bring real farm fresh food to your table every day.

About ten years ago, we too were looking for a farmer to feed us.  I remember staring into my cupboards and thinking “I have absolutely no idea where most of this food came from, how it was produced, and what is in it.” 

We were concerned about the many unknown ingredients and processing methods used even for basic foods like milk and meat.  And we wanted nutritious food that would support our immune systems, our digestive function, be non-allergenic, and nurture good health. That kind of of quality only comes when food is grown in good soil and from grass-fed livestock. 

We really needed a farmer.

Unfortunately, finding local farmers proved to be very difficult, and that was particularly true for meat and dairy. But since we are rather stubborn, instead of giving up and heading back to Costco, we bought a farm.

And a milk cow. And we never looked back.

Fast forward ten years. Now the same same nutrient-dense farm food that has nourished our  family is available to you as well. (And you don’t even need to buy a farm or learn to milk a cow.)

Our flagship product is raw, non-homogenized milk from grass-fed Jersey cows, made available through a herdshare. Our herdshare members enjoy weekly access to our farmstand to pick up their fresh milk, along with pastured eggs, seasonal produce, and products from our partner producers.

We also provide grass-fed beef and heritage pork by custom bulk purchase (wholes/halves/quarters). Beef and pork are harvested a couple of times a year, and you may reserve yours now.

Today, we are passionate about making local, transparently produced, nutrient dense food available to our community. 

For more information about our raw milk herdshare, you can visit here, or contact us to set up a tour. You may also contact us by email at kidcreekpastures@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you at the farm!