Herdshare Member Policies

Herdshare Fees

The price of one undivided share in the Kid Creek dairy herd is $50, one-time. After purchasing an ownership share, members are responsible to contribute to the ongoing care and keeping of the herd, in proportion to the amount of milk they receive.


Cow-Care Fees

Current Cow-Care Fees: July 1st 2017-June 30th 2018

  • 1 gallon per week Subscription: $208 per quarter ($8 per jar)

For Subscriptions more than 1 gallon per week, add $8 for each additional jar.

  • 1/2 gallon per week Subscription: $117 per quarter ($9 per jar)
  • As Available $10 per jar.

**Subscription members who subscribe for 1 gallon per week or more may pick up extra As Available jars at a rate of $8 per jar. Subscribers of $1/2 gallon of milk per week may pick up extra As Available jars at a rate of $9 per jar. 


Milk Subscriptions

Members who  pay their fees on a quarterly basis are provided with a weekly milk subscription. Paying by subscription offers the following benefits to both the member and the farm:

  1. Member is guaranteed a portion of milk each week. No guessing whether milk will be available.
  2. Fees are lower.
  3. Farmer is able to manage supply and demand and expenses more accurately because of member commitment.

Members who subscribe are welcome to pick up extra jars of “As Available” milk at the same per-jar rate as they pay for their subscription. 

Milk Subscriptions are not refundable, but they may be transferred to another herdshare member.


Members Who Do Not Subscribe (As-Available Members)

Members who do not wish to pick up milk every week may opt instead to pay a yearly Cow-Care Fee of $120 (prorated quarterly). They will be provided with 12 jar-vouchers that may be exchanged for 12 jars of As-Available milk at anytime, within a year, subject to availability. If all vouchers are used before the year is over, members may continue to pick up As-Available jars at a $10 per-jar fee.

If a member wishes to begin a subscription, they may do that (based on availability) and apply any unused vouches towards the quarterly fee at an exchange rate of $10 per voucher. Jar vouchers are not refundable, but they are transferable to another herdshare member.


Late Pick up Policy for Subscriptions

Unclaimed subscriptions will be held for a full week.  If you miss your pick up day, you may come on the next Farmstand day and pick up from the “Late Pickup” shelf. Your milk will be labeled with your name.

Alternately, you may arrange for another herdshare member to pick up your milk while you are away.

If you will be more than a week late picking up your milk, it will be forfeited.

Refund Policy

Herdshare Purchases ($50) are fully refundable within 14 days of purchase. Pre-paid quarterly subscriptions are refundable within 14 days of payment, minus any milk that was picked up or reserved for you prior to cancellation.  Unused prepaid  “One Jar” vouchers are refundable within 14 days of purchase.

Subscription Cancelation Policy

We are unable to put subscriptions on hold or supply extra milk en lieu of forfeited milk.  Subscriptions may be canceled, but no refund on subscription fees will be issued unless cancellation is made within 14 days of your initial herdshare purchase Members who are unable to finish their subscription may arrange to transfer it to another herdshare member.

Subscriptions may be canceled or the requested amount changed at the start of each new quarter: Jan, Apr,July, Oct.


Cancelation of Membership

Members who do not continue to pay quarterly or yearly Cow-Care fees will forfeit their membership.

Kid Creek Pastures reserves the right to cancel membership at any time, for any reason.   Members are afforded the same freedom and may cancel their membership at anytime, for any reason.


Farm Communication

Staying in touch with the farm is an essential part of being a member. Member emails are sent each Farmstand morning, and the farm also has a Facebook page. Make sure we have a valid email address, and find us and “Like” us if you are a Facebook user.

Email is the best way to contact us. Both Jacob and Shawna check email on their phones regularly. For emergencies (like the fridge is not working, or there is a cow in the road) you may reach us on our cell phones at 530-859-1401, or 530-859-1402. Text messages are best.


Milk Transportation and Storage

Unlike pasteurized, especially Ultra High Temp Pasteurized milk, raw milk is very delicate and cannot tolerate temperature abuse. It is a living, nutrient dense food that is a natural media for growing bacteria. To keep your milk tasting sweet and not sour, you must keep it very cold. If you will be transporting your milk for longer than a 5 minute trip, please plan to use an ice chest and ice. Remember that our lids do not seal and make sure to keep your jars upright in your coolers to avoid ice water leaking in under the lids. Also, the inside of your coolers should be clean enough to serve food from, in order to avoid contaminating the outsides of your jars.

Once home, store your milk in the body (not the door) of your refrigerator and check that the temperature is under 40 degrees. When you serve your milk, replace it to the refrigerator immediately.


Jar Policy

The glass jars and lids belong to the farm and made available for our members’ use. Each year, a “Jar Replacement Fee” is accessed across the membership to replace lost, broken, or unreturned jars. This fee will usually be between $7-$12 per year, depending the actual number of jars that need replacing. Returning your jars regularly and taking good care of them will keep that fee minimal!

Please take care of your jars as follows:

  1. Return jars weekly, or at most every two weeks. Hoarding empty jars at home requires to buy more jars than is really necessary.
  2. Wash your jars well prior to returning them.
  3. If they are still wet inside, leave the lids off
  4. Please do not use the milk jars to store anything except milk. Please do not use them for soup, tea, juice, kombucha or any other product, as doing so can infuse flavors and smells into the lids and even on the glass that will effect the flavor and shelf life of the milk.


Using the Farmstand

The Farmstand is Only for YOU: The Farmstand is not open to the public, however you are welcome to bring your guests with you to enjoy the farm experience. Purchases, however, are limited to members.

Farmstand Hours: The Farmstand is only open during our stated hours. For the well-being of our family and the productivity of our farm, we appreciate our members’ respect for the times we are closed.

Dogs and Children: Please leave your dog at home or in your car when you visit the farm. We cannot guarantee their safety, even on a leash, as we have a Livestock Guardian Dog on patrol. Please DO bring your children to the farm. They are most welcome to enjoy looking at the animals or playing on the playstructure under your supervision.

Driveway Speed: Please drive extremely, ridiculously slowly down the driveway. There are often little ones…both human and animal…afoot on the farm. Excessive driveway speed will result is loss of farm membership. 

Payment Options: The Farmstand only accepts cash in amounts under $40. Purchases over $40 may be made by check payable to “Kid Creek Pastures” Subscription fees and other pre-paid bulk purchases may be made via Paypal or check.

Where to find your milk:

Subscriptions on your Pickup Day—Upper Right side of fridge

Subscriptions Late Pickup–Bottom Shelf Right side of fridge

As Available—Left side of fridge